PIPE'S NOT DEAD ! is an open audio-visual project of the Italian born Massimiliano Nardulli (Bucharest, Romania) and
Gabriele Saffioti (Berlin, Germany) with other collaborators around the World. In 2 years as Pipe’s not dead ! they directed 2 short films, they composed the soundtrack for feature and short films, documentaries and promotional videos. They also recorded and released 2 EPs - We are no longer young but we are not dead yet - (2016) and - Bemushroomed - (2018) and released songs for tributes and compilations. You can find ALL THE MUSIC of PIPE’S NOT DEAD for FREE. Music is our passion and we make it to share with other music lovers around the Globe. We don’t like to be restricted by the bullshits of the music business, we believe in the mouth to mouth to promote our work and we want to keep our freedom as musicians and as human beings as much as possible. We don’t like to define a genre or a style for what we do because we are always changing and learning, we are proud to be HYBRIDS as someone called us. We are human beings first of all, with our defects, our qualities, our dreams, our fears, our hopes and high and low moments. If we can share our emotions with other people through our creations it means we managed to do something interesting enough. With love !

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