KLONAVENUS was born in Rome during 2005, after the meeting of Saffio (music & programming) and Paolo Chemnitz (vocals & lyrics). After two acclaimed demos, KLONAVENUS signed a contract with The Fossil Dungeon (an american digital music label) and released “Metropolights” during 2007. This EP was ‘top demo’ on :Ritual: magazine, the most important magazine in Italy about goth & industrial music. One year later the band released a compilation of unreleased tracks, appeared on a lot of compilations and during 2010 they were back again with a new single, “The Loser” (also remixed by Dismantled, Autodafeh and Ginger Snap5) and with an official videoclip. At the same time, KLONAVENUS played live supporting bands like Clan Of Xymox, Din [A] Tod, Spetsnaz, Ad:Key, Container 90, Gothika, Krisma and more. On december 2011 KLONAVENUS were back on stage supporting Colony 5 and Restricted Area. In the meanwhile, the song "Your Wintertime" appeared on the russian compilation "Rock Oracle Magazine".Their music may be defined as a catchy mix between synthpop, EBM and dark-electro. The 7st of December 2012 KLONAVENUS released the official debut album "KlonaWelt", out on E|K product label, playing on stage with Solitary Experiments! During the winter of 2013, Klonavenus released the official video for "Electro Body Killer", directed by the italian independent filmaker Domiziano Cristopharo. "Angst" (released in April 2015), the second album, was recorded in Berlin and mastered in US by Rob Early (Retrogramme). "Angst" should be described as a cinematic dark-electro experience (the first single, "Song Of The Dead", is dedicated to George A. Romero). The album also includes great remixes by Spektralized, Cygnosic and Blank. After two years of silence, Klonavenus released a new EP in free download ("Last Life On The Left"), then appeared at the end of 2018 in a double compilation ("Complicity Content") released by the label E|K , with a new song called "Welcome To Violence" featuring the angelic voice of Elisa Tomaselli. At the same time, KV released "We Fly Away", a new single in 7" vinyl. This track is the first step for the third album.

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